Competition in the global food industry is brutal

The industry suffers from extreme price sensitivity, and the chronic attention deficit of some of the world’s busiest people, chefs.

Buyers are cynical, and for good reason. Their suppliers have let them down before, and they feel that they have to fight every day for consistency and quality of supply.

Commoditisation's rampant, and many buyers will change partners over just a fraction of a cent per order.

You need a partner who can challenge the status quo of an industry that’s woefully under-differentiated. In the process, we'll help you to grow your market share, build loyalty and strengthen margins.

Our leadership has rich and varied experience across the food industry. Depending on your needs, we’ll craft an engagement focusing on one or more of these focus areas:

  • Insights
  • Segmentation
  • Channels
  • Portfolio
  • Positioning
  • Innovation
  • Training
  • Strategy




We work with our community and analysts to gain rich insights into your market, and the trends and developments affecting your customers, and then craft practical approaches that leverage this learning.


We help you identify your most valuable subset of customers, and then establish how to meet their key concerns most efficiently.


We optimise your most efficient routes to market, and establish strategies for how to counteract channel competition.


We optimise your product portfolio, eliminate loss-making items, innovate your product mix, and help maintain laser focus on your hero products.


We help to position your brands, establishing sharp points of difference that motivate consumers to rally around a potent point of view. We test each one with our community, to ensure effectiveness.


We guide clients through the ideation process, and help convert these ideas into new products, maximising success rates while minimising the risks inherent in new product launches.


We strive to be catalysts and coaches, not just consultants. That's why through all our work, we focus on capability development, not just delivery.


All assignments start with a clear co-developed framework that clarifies where you are now, where you want to be (and by when), and the path we might take to get there.

Thomas Marquardt
Managing Partner, Germany

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Managing Partner, UK

Mário Braz de Matos
Managing Partner, Singapore

Linda Hall
Managing Partner, United States


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